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New Management, New Possibilities

With changes in management often comes big changes for the potential of any business. Expansion is on starburst wheelthe horizon for Tropicana Entertainment Incorporated thanks to the newly appointed general manager of the Montbleu Resort. Stephen Ditchkus is taking the reigns of this property, bringing to the table his 25 plus years of experience in the hotel and gaming industry. He plans on expanding the revenue of this hot spot for gaming by revolutionizing the experience that guests will have when they enter the doors of Montblue Resort.

The Changes in Store

Stephen Ditchkus plans to revolutionize the way that this venue operates by taking the natural beauty and beloved attractions of the Lake Tahoe area and combining them with the advantages offered by the resort amenities and associated packages. These new possibilities will shift the focus towards gaming, giving each visitor a completely unique experience in the area. The changes are not only geared towards visitors from outside of the area. The changes are predicted to draw in many of the local residents on a regular basis as well.

A Killer Resume

Before joining the team at the Montbleu Resort, Stephen Ditchkus was heading up the Lac Courte Oreilles Casino and Lodge. His time there gave him plenty of experience running a large and thriving business of this nature. He was chief of operations in an organization that included over 300 employees. While in charge, Ditchkus was able to substantially increase profits, tweaking every aspect of the venture in order to raise profits by a staggering 80 percent.

Big Change, Big Responsibility

Ditchkus credits his commitment to customers service and innovation in the industry as the primary reasons behind his past successes. He also has first-hand experience with merging the traditional world of gaming with less conventional attractions related to the outdoors and other aspects of hospitality and guest services. Having graduated from Florida State University, Ditchkus is confidently moving forward all aspects of hotel and casino management for Montbleu. He is responsible for 437 rooms, two nightclubs, multiple lounges, and two restaurants that are bustling 24 hours a day.

Moves on the Market

The new frontier of the gaming world for the vast majority of the beloved games happening only behind horse racingcasino doors exists online. Social gambling platforms are growing at record pace, making every gaming institution eager to get on the bandwagon when it comes to having a hand in the latest and greatest platforms to hit the net. Among some of the popular and innovative games coming to players in this way is TradeFight. Slated as a “game changer” by many of those following the innovations in this area of gaming, TradeFight combines the fast-paced worlds of financial trade and gambling. Within this world, players have the ability to challenge each other in a unique way, competing based on real-word figures taken from current financial data.

A Unique Experience

There is no other gaming platform like this one on the market today. TradeFight takes live feeds from the world’s financial markets and puts them at the fingertips of players in order to heat up the competition. There are three different versions of the game. Players can try their hands at Speed Trade and the much anticipated Predictor. The platform gives players access to head-to-head play in which an accepted challenge leads to five minutes of intense action.

You Control the Risk

Once engaged, players have access to the live market and virtual dollars at their disposal that can be as high as $1,000. At the end of the time limit, the players with the most amount of virtual cash based on live market fluctuations is declared the challenge winner. The enthusiasm for this game is due to its ability to give people the chance to experience the thrill that comes with real trading action without all of the real financial risk. The only risk to which players expose themselves is the bet that they make before each challenge.

The Winnings Grow

Players note the strengths of the game as being high payouts, outstanding odds, and rich graphics that make the experience enthralling as a whole. Players can get in on the action with as little as 30 pounds, putting their instincts to the test. The game is being met with such large enthusiasm that TradeFight has plans to expand the possible winnings into platforms that include progressive jackpots as well.