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When Legends Speak


Both newcomers and seasoned professionals alike have picked up a book on their casino game of choice at one time or another. A considerable number of people rely on books written by the professionals in order to hone in their own playing skills or read them as an effort to increase their own bank rolls at the table. Although these books can be extremely helpful to some people at varying skill levels, it is important to distinguish between books that are offering real-world and helpful advice versus those that are offering bad pointers or common knowledge. In the world of craps, Frank Scoblete is a gamer and author who is actually offering a real winner. His release, “Forever Craps: The Five-Step Advantage Play,” provides valuable insights for players of all skill levels.

More Than Mere Pointers

One of the best things about this book on Craps is its ability to grow with players as their skill level in Craps increases. In the past, he has made a name for himself in the gaming world by releasing titles that bring players in on the secrets of specific systems that he has designed which increased the odds of success when it comes to craps. These systems include the 5-Count Method and the Supersystem. This latest title takes a whole new approach to Craps success, outlining what has been termed the “the Five-Step Advantage.” The techniques that Scoblete outlines revolve around a variety of theories and approaches such as developing throwing rhythms, making the best bets at the best times, developing a shooting style, and how to apply what you have learned in a casino setting.

A Story and a Strategy

The insights offered into how to make these systems work for you in Vegas is information that is rarely seen in books of this kind. He provides players with strategies that will help them take advantage of casino comps for Craps in addition to methods for taking home more money while still risking less on the actual table. Readers will get all the advice along with a healthy smattering of narrative as well. Scoblete lets readers in on the story of how he has developed and perfected this method through interactions with legendary craps players such as “the Captain.”