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Its All in the Wrist


Dice control is the name of the game when it comes to playing Craps in any type of setting. While most people consider this game to be almost completely based on chance, there is an art to the roll of the dice. Henry Tamburin, nicknamed “The Dominator,” recently made this point fairly evident when he teamed up with Frank Scoblete, a dice control expert. They traveled to casinos all over the nation and refined a technique for the game that they termed “The Golden Touch.” During the development of this technique, Tamburin set a world record for Craps as well. He threw a record 45 numbers before a seven appeared on the dice. Prior to this event, the world record stood at 39 numbers. The general odds put a seven coming up every six rolls, making the accomplishment one that is absolutely extraordinary.

Beating The Odds By A Mile

Every pair of dice has 36 possible outcomes, six of which produces a seven. This represents a 30 to 6 chance against throwing a seven, approximately 5 to 1. Despite these facts, Tamburin made 45 throws. In the casino setting, his partner, Scoblete, holds the records. He made 56 consecutive throws without a seven appearing. Tamburin’s record occurred during the annual No Seven Contest. The Duo now hosts dice control courses that allow average players to dramatically increase their success when it comes to playing Craps. These courses add to the prestige that Tamburin has already achieved with his best-selling books on Blackjack.