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New Jersey Resident Pleads Guilty For Cheating at Craps

A resident of New Jersey has been banned from playing at any casino in Atlantic City. His crime? Attempting to cheat at craps on THREE separate occasions. The man in question, Derek Bethea, was found guilty by a jury of his peers for charges of swindling and attempting to cheat at a casino. The charges were placed in the third and fourth degree, respectively.

Incredibly, the man was attempting to place bets after the dice had already been rolled. This is not something unusual, because the craps table can be a very complicated place. There are people shouting to see if the dice come out as they want, and the dealer is occupied with many things. However, it is extremely unlikely for someone to be able to pull a fast one over a casino dealer, especially in Atlantic City.

Craps Game

The man was caught by three different casinos during a time span of a few days, with his trick always the same. He would wait until the exact moment the dice were rolled to put his chips on the bet, proclaiming that he had won. On one occasion, he was spotted by another player, who immediately told the dealer what had happened.

This is not the first time that Derek Bethea has been on the wrong side of casino regulations. He spent a few years in prison for attempting similar schemes in 2001 and 2005. It appears as though he does not have the self-control to visit a casino without attempting a cheating scam. Along with jail time, his sentence is likely to include a life time ban from any casino. It is expected that he will spend between five to seven years in prison.

The amusing part of the story is that he ended up paying more money in bail, court fees and legal expenses than he would have won at any of those three craps bets. Clearly Mr. Bethea is a man in serious need of help.

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Locus Gaming With Casino Raj To Debut New Online Gaming Service

The United Kingdom has certainly been upping the ante on the online gaming front. While the UK gambling community and casino operators have come under fire in recent years for promoting games that many feel lead to problem gambling, other advances in online gambling and gaming have been successful business endeavors and are drawing global clientele and attention.

online-gamblingLocus Gaming is one of the leading British based online gambling companies. With their expertise in managing all things online gambling related and teaming up with top-notch programmers, they made the 2013 launch of their Jack Gold Casino a major hit amongst online gamblers everywhere. Now they’re pursuing the launch of a white label service, Casino Raj, that will work to bring in the Asian community.

With the new white label service, Locus is bringing together hundreds of gaming options from top industry specialists such as Realistic Games, NextGen Games, Aristorcrat, and more.

While launching such a huge project is a massive task, the launch is certainly in good hands. With the creators and executives, Ed Andrewes and Mick D’Ancona, bringing years of experience from their former directorship of Ladbrokes, the two have mastered all that they need to in order to run a successful online gambling business. (The proof of that can be seen in their success with Jack Gold Casino.) They have learned to manage and maintain firm control over any consumer issues such as payments, fraud, identity theft, and all other legal issues surrounding the establishment of an online gaming site. In addition to their business savvy side, they also understand the importance of customer satisfaction. That’s why they’ve hired top notch teams to ensure that the site is user friendly and highly entertaining.

With the combination of an ear for business and an eye for good gaming, Locus Games is sure to have a hit with Casino Raj.