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5 Typical Craps Myths

Despite being a hugely popular casino game, there seems to be a lot that people do not know about craps. There are too many myths about the game that seem to have become established facts over time. Some of these myths are ridiculous, while others seem more believable. However, they can seriously damage the strategies of people who believe them. Here is a look at five common myths and the truth behind those statements.

Myth Number One:

craps tableWhen a dealer is switched at craps, it can change a player’s luck on the table, and this is sometimes done intentionally. This myth is 100% false. There is a specific schedule for dealer changes. A dealer will spend 20 minutes as the stick man, a further 20 minutes as the dealer and another 20 minutes as box man. The dealer then gets a break for half an hour.

Myth Number Two:

When a seven shows on the dice and is given to a shooter, it becomes bad luck. This is also a completely ridiculous myth. The stick man does not throw the dice and the rotation of dice happens randomly when they are thrown. There is no good or bad luck in this move.

Myth Number Three:

Novice shooters are luckier than experienced ones. This is another absurd myth, because everyone has the same odds when they are throwing a pair of dice. Visit this page to learn more about how craps is really played.

Myth Number Four:

Seven and eleven are lucky numbers in craps. This may be true for the come out roll, but it is false everywhere else. Bet on those two at the first roll, but avoid them religiously for the rest of the round.

Myth Number Five:

If one dice falls off the table onto the floor, it increases the odds of a seven happening next time. Unless players have found a way to manipulate the way the dice land after being thrown, this myth is insanely stupid. For information about how craps odds really work, click here.