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Atlantic City Craps Player Arrested for Cheating

A gambler in Atlantic City was convicted of cheating and third-degree swindling at three casinos over a period of two weeks. He was caught by two of the casinos before leaving with his illegal winnings, and he almost got away with his scheme at a third casino. A court in Atlantic City found the man guilty on two counts of swindling and cheating.

Derek Bethea cheated at craps tables by betting on numbers after they had already been called. He wagered $1,100 at the Borgata Hotel and Casino and was awarded his winnings before leaving the building. Police tracked him down and arrested him the next day, charging him with third-degree swindling and putting him in jail to await sentencing.

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Past Posting Lands Atlantic City Man in Jail for the Third Time

Bethea began his crime spree with the illegal $1,100 bet, and after he posted bail and got out of jail, he continued placing illegal bets at several other casinos. Apparently, he still wasn’t convinced that cheating at craps was a bad idea, and a little over two weeks after making his first illegal bet, he wagered $505 on another craps game that had already ended, a cheating technique known as past posting. The Resorts Hotel and Casino didn’t notice that he made the illegal bet until they watched video footage in the security room, but they detained him before he could get away with his winnings.

A few days later, Bethea placed a $240 bet at a craps table at the Revel Casino after the game had ended. The croupier knew that he had gambled illegally and refused to give him his winnings. After leaving the casino, Bethea was detained by police and arrested once again.

These charges weren’t the first for illegal betting brought against Bethea. He was arrested in 2001 for the same offenses, and then he was arrested again in 2005. For his 2001 arrest, Bethea served three years in state prison, and in 2005, he was sentenced to more than eight years.