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Three Burning Craps Questions

A first-time visit to the craps table can leave you with more questions than answers. All those lines, all those bets, or those casino employees in a busy and frenzied hub of activity around: a boxman, two base dealers, a stick man… So much happening.

Let’s help clarify the game for you by anticipating five of your most burning questions:

1 – On odds and ends

gamblersQ: Is anything I can study that will help me gain an advantage on the craps table?

A: Yes and no. Craps is less about learning strategies then it is about being smart about using betting systems. You have to go out of the parameters of traditional play. Just a brief study will tell you, for instance, that taking the odds is a good bet, because it gives you a statistically fair payout on a win. Now, let’s clarify from the start that this those vexing issue of actually winning the bet in the first place. But when you do win, you would least know you’re being paid fairly. That’s one of the ways in which a little bit of study can help you educate yourself about good bet to make. But the actual bets themselves cannot be altered, changed or manipulated by any intellectual hopscotch on your part.

2 – Dicey Dicey!

Q: I’ve heard it said that some people are so adept their gesticular movements, that they have the ability to control the dice. Nairn I feel this is unfair. And I want to know more about it. Surely, such prodigious control nets them an unfair advantage. I feel cheated!

A: The idea of controlling the dice is undoubtedly an intriguing one, but we think its complete hogwash. The Internet is chock-full of self-proclaimed gurus who would like you to believe that they can train you in the exquisite art of dice control. We’re not buying it. Remember, casinos have fairly strict regulations about how the dice must be thrown. For instance, many pit bosses have a policy that the dice must bounce off the edge of the craps table wall for the round to be considered valid and the bets to be honoured. This introduces far too many variables in terms of inertia/ gravity for any kind of predictable result. There have been many anecdotal “studies” to try and prove that dice control has merit. These studies are either hocus-pocus to begin with, or they offer results that are specious at worst and inconclusive at best.

  1. What’s my best bet?

Q: What’s the best bet in craps?

A: The craps table is full of different kinds of bets. So we’re going to simplify all of this information and give you a simple answer: the Pass line bet and Don’t pass line bet. These bets absolutely carry the lowest house edge of any of the bets at the craps table. Choosing any other way of beating might mean a higher payout on a win, but it will also mean a more difficult win to achieve in the first place.