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South Dakota Accepts Keno, Roulette and Craps

Deadwood CasinosThe South Dakota House of Representatives accepted a motion to allow craps, keno and roulette in Deadwood casinos last month after heated debate in both the houses. The votes cast were 22-46 which authorized addition of the three games into local casinos. The first step towards approval of this motion was taken when voters of South Dakota passed a Constitutional Amendment for inclusion of these games in November 2014. To get this law finally implemented, the state governor Dennis Daugaard has to sign the law following which the Gaming Commission can setup the operational rules within which the casinos can operate these games.

Gaming in Deadwood Casinos

Gambling has been a sore topic with residents and legislatures of South Dakota and though voters passed it by a very small margin of 55/45 percent, there was strong debate in the state legislation before it was passed. According to the mayor of Deadwood, Chuck Turbiville, it is nearly eight years since general public and government have been against any form of gambling. As a majority of people now regard gambling as a form of entertainment and not a social evil in Deadwood, responsible gaming has now gained acceptance. But even now there are strong sentiments against bringing any form of gambling into the locality.

Deadwood Mayor supports gambling

This law has been able to get so far with strong support of Deadwood Mayor Chuck Turbiville but there are other legislative members like Steven Haugaard which consider gambling as a wasteful industry that only cause misery and devastation. He feels that as the state is addicted to gambling and already spends around $85 million, the addition of these games will urge them to spend above $100 million annually. But Deadwood’s mayor is firm in pushing forward the law as he feels that it will improve income to the state exchequer and also create more jobs.