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Best Casinos in Las Vegas for Craps Enthusiasts

Back in June, gambling writer Marc Meltzer penned an article discussing where to find the best craps odds in Las Vegas casinos. Meltzer reports that the best place to find odds for Nevada-based craps tables is on social media.

Marc MeltzerMarc Meltzer writes that many casinos will post amazing gambling deals on their Facebook account. For example, Meltzer says that one Las Vegas casino recently advertised $3 craps games through their Facebook account.

In that same article, the gambling expert also describes bow he uses social media to find sports betting lines. More specifically, Meltzer says that the latest betting odds are often listed on Twitter or sports gambling message boards.

Finding the Best Craps Deals in Las Vegas

According to Marc Meltzer, gamblers can find $3 craps deals at casinos like El Cortez or Casino Royale every afternoon. Unfortunately, Meltzer writes, these $3 craps games do not offer every good winning odds for the gambler. Meltzer calculates that the house edge for these $3 games is 0.5762 percent.

However, there are several casinos that offer better odds than the odds found in those $3 craps games. In addition to the $3 games, Casino Royale also gives 20-to-1 odds and 100-to-1 odds on higher-value craps games. In these games, Casino Royale’s house edge is only 0.099%.

Meltzer says that gamblers seeking 5-to-1 craps odds should consider playing at casinos like Four Queens, Binion’s, Golden Nugget, Plaza, and Downtown Grand.

Marc Meltzer’s Gambling Advice

Besides discussing the best place to find craps games in Las Vegas, Marc Meltzer also offered his readers several gambling tips in his latest article. Meltzer suggests that gamblers who are playing craps should consider extending their betting bankroll by playing games that have smaller odds. In doing so, Meltzer argues, gamblers will have a better chance of winning big money against the house.