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Craps for Beginners – Getting It Right

Craps is a table based gambling match that offers the best odds in a casino, and almost everybody wins if they lay their bets with a bit of foresight. Before starting the game get to know the casino staff operating the table and also other players as it is best to know details of people you are dealing with during the game. Try to familiarise yourself with the layout of the craps table and the 100 odd type of bets that are played out before laying bets yourself. There are a few basic regulations you need to keep in mind while playing craps as it is a little complex and requires some amount of practice.

Laying odds to win

craps tableWhen betting in craps for the first time, players usually either lose a lot or win a lot by pure luck as they do not know the rules of the game. The best way to play craps is to have patience and stick to bets that have lower house edge. Making line bets instead of the field bets when these pay around 2 to one is another useful way of increasing odds.

Important points to keep in mind during craps

  1. Never place bets when both the dice are about to land on the table. If they fall and hit the chips it is most likely to result in a “seven” and you will be in trouble.
  2. Do not delay the pace at a craps table as shooters cool off and then they take a long time in playing with the dice leading to number “seven” appearing again.
  3. Try to use only the money you have won in the first round to place more bets instead of using extra money from your wallet if you are lose. Money management is key to winning at craps.