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Craps for Beginners – Getting It Right

Craps is a table based gambling match that offers the best odds in a casino, and almost everybody wins if they lay their bets with a bit of foresight. Before starting the game get to know the casino staff operating the table and also other players as it is best to know details of people you are dealing with during the game. Try to familiarise yourself with the layout of the craps table and the 100 odd type of bets that are played out before laying bets yourself. There are a few basic regulations you need to keep in mind while playing craps as it is a little complex and requires some amount of practice.

Laying odds to win

craps tableWhen betting in craps for the first time, players usually either lose a lot or win a lot by pure luck as they do not know the rules of the game. The best way to play craps is to have patience and stick to bets that have lower house edge. Making line bets instead of the field bets when these pay around 2 to one is another useful way of increasing odds.

Important points to keep in mind during craps

  1. Never place bets when both the dice are about to land on the table. If they fall and hit the chips it is most likely to result in a “seven” and you will be in trouble.
  2. Do not delay the pace at a craps table as shooters cool off and then they take a long time in playing with the dice leading to number “seven” appearing again.
  3. Try to use only the money you have won in the first round to place more bets instead of using extra money from your wallet if you are lose. Money management is key to winning at craps.

Best Casinos in Las Vegas for Craps Enthusiasts

Back in June, gambling writer Marc Meltzer penned an article discussing where to find the best craps odds in Las Vegas casinos. Meltzer reports that the best place to find odds for Nevada-based craps tables is on social media.

Marc MeltzerMarc Meltzer writes that many casinos will post amazing gambling deals on their Facebook account. For example, Meltzer says that one Las Vegas casino recently advertised $3 craps games through their Facebook account.

In that same article, the gambling expert also describes bow he uses social media to find sports betting lines. More specifically, Meltzer says that the latest betting odds are often listed on Twitter or sports gambling message boards.

Finding the Best Craps Deals in Las Vegas

According to Marc Meltzer, gamblers can find $3 craps deals at casinos like El Cortez or Casino Royale every afternoon. Unfortunately, Meltzer writes, these $3 craps games do not offer every good winning odds for the gambler. Meltzer calculates that the house edge for these $3 games is 0.5762 percent.

However, there are several casinos that offer better odds than the odds found in those $3 craps games. In addition to the $3 games, Casino Royale also gives 20-to-1 odds and 100-to-1 odds on higher-value craps games. In these games, Casino Royale’s house edge is only 0.099%.

Meltzer says that gamblers seeking 5-to-1 craps odds should consider playing at casinos like Four Queens, Binion’s, Golden Nugget, Plaza, and Downtown Grand.

Marc Meltzer’s Gambling Advice

Besides discussing the best place to find craps games in Las Vegas, Marc Meltzer also offered his readers several gambling tips in his latest article. Meltzer suggests that gamblers who are playing craps should consider extending their betting bankroll by playing games that have smaller odds. In doing so, Meltzer argues, gamblers will have a better chance of winning big money against the house.

Craps-Free Craps Available to Players in Majestic Star Casino

Have you ever played the game ‘Crapless Craps’? The game was introduced by Bob Stupak, a casino owner and a gambler himself, decades ago. Though the game is not entirely different from the traditional casino game, it does have a few variations, which give it an edge. Now, years after Crapless Craps hit the casino tables, Majestic Star Casinos has rolled out the same game for its players, but with a new name – Craps Free Craps.

How is Crapless Craps is different from the original

Majestic Star CasinosThe theme remains the same in both the games, but there are a few changes. In the original craps game,   numbers from 4 to 6 and 8 to 10 are the ‘point’ numbers. When the shooter rolls 12, 2 or 3, players lose their bets (passline) on the ‘comeout’ roll. If the shooter however, rolls a 7 or an 11, players win the bet.

In Crapless Craps, all other numbers expect 7 are point numbers. In this variant, bettors (passline) do not win on the comeout roll of 11, nor do they win on when 2, 3 or 12 are rolled. It also does not give the option of wagering (‘dont come’ and ‘dont pass’) to the players.

Which one to pick?

What about the rewards, you ask? There are plenty of them no doubt, but the players also need to pay a price when the ‘outside numbers’ are not rolled. So is Craps Free Craps worth the shift? It all depends on the player. If you do not mind risking your bets for a higher amount, you can go for Craps Free Craps. However, if you are not willing to give up on the rewards and the freedom you get while playing craps, you better stick to the original.

So will you play Craps Free Craps at the Majestic Star Casino or stick to the traditional one?

Governmental Attitudes Toward Craps and Gambling Shift

craps tableWhile gambling is not a new phenomenon, it is certainly one that has carried a sense of taboo in many cultures. Western nations, such as the United Kingdom and America, have been particularly adverse to certain types of gambling. While card games such as poker and blackjack have been deemed more socially acceptable due to the strategy involved in the game play, other types of games, such as craps, baccarat, and roulette, which are based on chance alone, have remained questionable in morality and low-brow in culture ever since the days of prohibition in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

However it seems that times might be changing for these western regions of the world. As more and more of the funding for important programs have been cut, the revenue generated from gambling has helped pad the budget gaps. This seems to be one large reason that even small; rural (and typically politically conservative) towns are starting to come around to the idea of the allowance of these types of gaming. Many places which have traditionally banned gambling of different types by law are starting to pass bills that are giving way to the pastime.

This type of social change is one that involves many factors. While some believe that it may be due simply to a need for funding taking president over a desire for what some believe to be a “morally clean society,” others believe that this is a sign that the politically conservative sides of western countries might be taking more liberal stances on general social interaction. Whether it’s a sign of a truly changed mind-set or a simple financial resource negotiation, the ending result remains the same: craps players, roulette spinners, and gamblers who love to take a chance are much more likely to find luck in locating an open table in western countries than they were 10 years ago.

Three Burning Craps Questions

A first-time visit to the craps table can leave you with more questions than answers. All those lines, all those bets, or those casino employees in a busy and frenzied hub of activity around: a boxman, two base dealers, a stick man… So much happening.

Let’s help clarify the game for you by anticipating five of your most burning questions:

1 – On odds and ends

gamblersQ: Is anything I can study that will help me gain an advantage on the craps table?

A: Yes and no. Craps is less about learning strategies then it is about being smart about using betting systems. You have to go out of the parameters of traditional play. Just a brief study will tell you, for instance, that taking the odds is a good bet, because it gives you a statistically fair payout on a win. Now, let’s clarify from the start that this those vexing issue of actually winning the bet in the first place. But when you do win, you would least know you’re being paid fairly. That’s one of the ways in which a little bit of study can help you educate yourself about good bet to make. But the actual bets themselves cannot be altered, changed or manipulated by any intellectual hopscotch on your part.

2 – Dicey Dicey!

Q: I’ve heard it said that some people are so adept their gesticular movements, that they have the ability to control the dice. Nairn I feel this is unfair. And I want to know more about it. Surely, such prodigious control nets them an unfair advantage. I feel cheated!

A: The idea of controlling the dice is undoubtedly an intriguing one, but we think its complete hogwash. The Internet is chock-full of self-proclaimed gurus who would like you to believe that they can train you in the exquisite art of dice control. We’re not buying it. Remember, casinos have fairly strict regulations about how the dice must be thrown. For instance, many pit bosses have a policy that the dice must bounce off the edge of the craps table wall for the round to be considered valid and the bets to be honoured. This introduces far too many variables in terms of inertia/ gravity for any kind of predictable result. There have been many anecdotal “studies” to try and prove that dice control has merit. These studies are either hocus-pocus to begin with, or they offer results that are specious at worst and inconclusive at best.

  1. What’s my best bet?

Q: What’s the best bet in craps?

A: The craps table is full of different kinds of bets. So we’re going to simplify all of this information and give you a simple answer: the Pass line bet and Don’t pass line bet. These bets absolutely carry the lowest house edge of any of the bets at the craps table. Choosing any other way of beating might mean a higher payout on a win, but it will also mean a more difficult win to achieve in the first place.

Common Craps Strategy Mistakes

Limiting the house’s advantage at craps can be a difficult task, but not an impossible one. There are ways to bet intelligently on this game of chance. The first step is to eliminate the notion that fancy center bets will get you success.

craps table_dice and chipsLet us take a refresher course in basic maths. 1+2=3, while 2+1 also equals 3. Even if you split the numbers into 1s, the answer will still be 3. We all know this because we learned it in elementary school. However, craps players get confused by fancy words and try stupid bets thinking 3 will magically become 4.

One example of those stupid bets is hedge bets. While it is true that making two contrasting bets can limit the damage, but it can often prove more expensive in the long run. Lots of betters will combine their pass line bet with an “any craps” bet. Does this combination guarantee you will never lose money? No it does not.

If you make a $20 line bet with a $5 any craps bet, you can win in 12 different ways but lose in 24 other ways. In contrast, a simple line bet has 8 winning methods and only 4 losing ones. Players won an average of $80 on come out rolls with just the pass line bet. In contrast, players won an average of only $20 with the combination bet.

Some players like to hedge their bets with a “any seven” bet after the come out roll is completed. When you look at it statistically, that combination has 11 winning ways but also 25 losing ones. In contrast, the pass line bet after a come out roll wins in 5 ways and loses in 6. Players lose an average of $60 with the combination bet and an average of $20 with the pass line bet alone.

* Both of these statistical analyses were done by completing 36 come out rolls and 36 rolls respectively.

Atlantic City Craps Player Arrested for Cheating

A gambler in Atlantic City was convicted of cheating and third-degree swindling at three casinos over a period of two weeks. He was caught by two of the casinos before leaving with his illegal winnings, and he almost got away with his scheme at a third casino. A court in Atlantic City found the man guilty on two counts of swindling and cheating.

Derek Bethea cheated at craps tables by betting on numbers after they had already been called. He wagered $1,100 at the Borgata Hotel and Casino and was awarded his winnings before leaving the building. Police tracked him down and arrested him the next day, charging him with third-degree swindling and putting him in jail to await sentencing.

atlantic-city casino

Past Posting Lands Atlantic City Man in Jail for the Third Time

Bethea began his crime spree with the illegal $1,100 bet, and after he posted bail and got out of jail, he continued placing illegal bets at several other casinos. Apparently, he still wasn’t convinced that cheating at craps was a bad idea, and a little over two weeks after making his first illegal bet, he wagered $505 on another craps game that had already ended, a cheating technique known as past posting. The Resorts Hotel and Casino didn’t notice that he made the illegal bet until they watched video footage in the security room, but they detained him before he could get away with his winnings.

A few days later, Bethea placed a $240 bet at a craps table at the Revel Casino after the game had ended. The croupier knew that he had gambled illegally and refused to give him his winnings. After leaving the casino, Bethea was detained by police and arrested once again.

These charges weren’t the first for illegal betting brought against Bethea. He was arrested in 2001 for the same offenses, and then he was arrested again in 2005. For his 2001 arrest, Bethea served three years in state prison, and in 2005, he was sentenced to more than eight years.

5 Typical Craps Myths

Despite being a hugely popular casino game, there seems to be a lot that people do not know about craps. There are too many myths about the game that seem to have become established facts over time. Some of these myths are ridiculous, while others seem more believable. However, they can seriously damage the strategies of people who believe them. Here is a look at five common myths and the truth behind those statements.

Myth Number One:

craps tableWhen a dealer is switched at craps, it can change a player’s luck on the table, and this is sometimes done intentionally. This myth is 100% false. There is a specific schedule for dealer changes. A dealer will spend 20 minutes as the stick man, a further 20 minutes as the dealer and another 20 minutes as box man. The dealer then gets a break for half an hour.

Myth Number Two:

When a seven shows on the dice and is given to a shooter, it becomes bad luck. This is also a completely ridiculous myth. The stick man does not throw the dice and the rotation of dice happens randomly when they are thrown. There is no good or bad luck in this move.

Myth Number Three:

Novice shooters are luckier than experienced ones. This is another absurd myth, because everyone has the same odds when they are throwing a pair of dice. Visit this page to learn more about how craps is really played.

Myth Number Four:

Seven and eleven are lucky numbers in craps. This may be true for the come out roll, but it is false everywhere else. Bet on those two at the first roll, but avoid them religiously for the rest of the round.

Myth Number Five:

If one dice falls off the table onto the floor, it increases the odds of a seven happening next time. Unless players have found a way to manipulate the way the dice land after being thrown, this myth is insanely stupid. For information about how craps odds really work, click here.

Eddy Perry to Help Fellow Craps Players

Craps is one of the most popular table games in the world. It is enjoyed by people at traditional and online casinos all around the world. This is one of those games that has strategy and fun in equal measure. Table games such as blackjack and poker require plenty of skill, but they do not have as much thrill. Craps tables are much livelier, with players having fun and making money at the same time.

craps tableDespite the laughs and loud noises that come from a craps table, it can be a very intense game. There is a lot of skill and strategy involved in being a successful craps player. That is why Eddy Perry, a fantastic craps player, wants to help others be just as successful.

Perry has been playing craps for more than 30 years. He has turned his hobby into a career. Not only has he had a lot of fun with craps, he has also made incredible amounts of money from the game.

When Eddy Perry gives people advice about craps, his first word is usually “flexibility”. He believes that players should have two or three different strategies. Instead of sticking to one game plan, they should be adaptable to the game’s situation.

The biggest problem for craps players, according to Perry, is that they play too much. When they lose a few hands in a row, they will bet even more in order to turn things around. It would be better for these players to take a break and a step back when they are on a losing run. Similarly, players who win big money in consecutive hands should stop while they are ahead.

Perry is very open about his time and wants to coach players on how to succeed at craps. He does not charge a fee for his services, but he does hope that players he coaches will share their winnings with him. If you are interested in his coaching, send him an email at edsgotgame[at]gmail[dot]com.

For more information on this story, click here.

New Jersey Resident Pleads Guilty For Cheating at Craps

A resident of New Jersey has been banned from playing at any casino in Atlantic City. His crime? Attempting to cheat at craps on THREE separate occasions. The man in question, Derek Bethea, was found guilty by a jury of his peers for charges of swindling and attempting to cheat at a casino. The charges were placed in the third and fourth degree, respectively.

Incredibly, the man was attempting to place bets after the dice had already been rolled. This is not something unusual, because the craps table can be a very complicated place. There are people shouting to see if the dice come out as they want, and the dealer is occupied with many things. However, it is extremely unlikely for someone to be able to pull a fast one over a casino dealer, especially in Atlantic City.

Craps Game

The man was caught by three different casinos during a time span of a few days, with his trick always the same. He would wait until the exact moment the dice were rolled to put his chips on the bet, proclaiming that he had won. On one occasion, he was spotted by another player, who immediately told the dealer what had happened.

This is not the first time that Derek Bethea has been on the wrong side of casino regulations. He spent a few years in prison for attempting similar schemes in 2001 and 2005. It appears as though he does not have the self-control to visit a casino without attempting a cheating scam. Along with jail time, his sentence is likely to include a life time ban from any casino. It is expected that he will spend between five to seven years in prison.

The amusing part of the story is that he ended up paying more money in bail, court fees and legal expenses than he would have won at any of those three craps bets. Clearly Mr. Bethea is a man in serious need of help.

For more information on this story, click here.