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Golden Riviera Casino Review

golden-riviera-casinoOffering more than 550 casino games online, the Golden Riviera Casino is an online casino that is Microgaming powered. The portfolio of the casino is dominated by online slots including classic slots, mega spin slots, video slots, fruit machines as well as progressive jackpot slots. The casino also provides French, American and Russian roulette along with the various Blackjack variants (including the innovative double exposure) and multi hand as well as single hand video poker variants. Baccarat, craps and keno are some of the other games that the online casino offers. Golden Riviera Casino also hosts online tournaments on a regular basis.

Caters to players around the world

The casino allows players to wager in US, Australian, and Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, British Pounds, Euros and South African Rands. In addition, taking into account that its clients come from all over the globe, it allows payment through various options including: electronic wallets like moneybookers and netellers; credit cards of visa and master card; and prepaid cash cards like Ukash.

Lucrative offers for new players

When a player plays on the Golden Riviera Casino for the first time, he/she gets a free play bonus. Every new player will be provided $2,500 which the player will have to use to wager on various games for a period of 60 minutes. At the end of the time, if the player retains a balance of more than $2,500, then the excess amount (up to a maximum of $200) will be credited to the player’s account. If the player doesn’t win anything or chooses not to opt for the free play bonus, then the casino will give a 100% bonus on the first deposit (up to a maximum of $125). Further, all new players get 50 spins for free on a popular slot game.

South Dakota Accepts Keno, Roulette and Craps

Deadwood CasinosThe South Dakota House of Representatives accepted a motion to allow craps, keno and roulette in Deadwood casinos last month after heated debate in both the houses. The votes cast were 22-46 which authorized addition of the three games into local casinos. The first step towards approval of this motion was taken when voters of South Dakota passed a Constitutional Amendment for inclusion of these games in November 2014. To get this law finally implemented, the state governor Dennis Daugaard has to sign the law following which the Gaming Commission can setup the operational rules within which the casinos can operate these games.

Gaming in Deadwood Casinos

Gambling has been a sore topic with residents and legislatures of South Dakota and though voters passed it by a very small margin of 55/45 percent, there was strong debate in the state legislation before it was passed. According to the mayor of Deadwood, Chuck Turbiville, it is nearly eight years since general public and government have been against any form of gambling. As a majority of people now regard gambling as a form of entertainment and not a social evil in Deadwood, responsible gaming has now gained acceptance. But even now there are strong sentiments against bringing any form of gambling into the locality.

Deadwood Mayor supports gambling

This law has been able to get so far with strong support of Deadwood Mayor Chuck Turbiville but there are other legislative members like Steven Haugaard which consider gambling as a wasteful industry that only cause misery and devastation. He feels that as the state is addicted to gambling and already spends around $85 million, the addition of these games will urge them to spend above $100 million annually. But Deadwood’s mayor is firm in pushing forward the law as he feels that it will improve income to the state exchequer and also create more jobs.

Winners Rake in Moolah at Barona’s Party

Barona CasinoSan Diego’s famous Barona Resort and Casino is known for its generosity towards it patrons and is not the kind to pinch pennies when it holds TGI Thursday promotional events. Last week too there was no scarcity of winners as a woman from San Diego itself won a thunderous jackpot of $100,000 which was the grand finale of Barona’ TGI Thursday $600,000 payday event. There was also a $25000 jackpot for the same evening which was won by another lucky person. The biggest jackpot of the month was won during the first week of February with the winner raking in an amount of $175,000. Barona Resort started this promotional event a couple of years ago which generated strong excitement among regulars and tourists and four happy players emerged victorious last Thursday’s grand finale.

About TGI Thursday

From the day this promotional event began in January, Barona Casino had a policy of giving away $500 every half hour to players on the basis of an event called Power Giveaway Thursday and also $300,000 as progressive pay jackpots. The Casino has been recently named as Best Casino with most profitable slots for the fourth consecutive year. Along with this award it has won various popularity awards in San Diego’s poll awards for casinos as it provides options for hard core card players too. It has more than 80 gaming tables for card games like blackjack, craps, poker, baccarat and roulette along with a separate section for popular Asian games like Sic Bo and Supreme 99 for its Asian clients.

About Barona Casino

According to the general manager of Barona Resort and Casino, the TGI Thursday event has been giving out larger and larger payouts ever year to lucky winners who can win instant prizes based on their lucky numbers. As a triple A rated four diamond property, Barona Resort and Casino has 400 guest rooms, which offer guests enchanting views of the Barona Valley and several local and continental cuisine options