Welcome to Craps Academy. We are a successful educational institutional specializing in educating young gambling novices such as yourself, in the very fine art of Craps. Yes, we called Craps an art. In our opinions, we like to think of Craps as “the beautiful game”.

Now we’re not talking about football fields, screaming face-painted fans and good looking 20-somethings running around with fancy hair-do’s, diving and dribbling balls. We’re talking about the liveliest game in the online casino usa real money. The winning hub on the floor. The “popular kid” of gambling. It requires a certain set of skills and knowledge when first starting out, but once you’ve got the hang of it, Craps will very possibly become a favourite o gaf yours.

Who We Are

Here at Craps Academy… We are dedicated to helping you become the best at the game and get the most from it. We are specialists in the field and want you to become one too. We have put together quick Craps modules for your to work through that will help you obtain your certificate in the game. We want you to become an expert, and we’ll be there every step of the way to help you win real money online blackjack usa. Once you have been through all the modules and have obtained your certificate, you’ll be A-ok to give the game a go and hopefully pocket some big prizes. we look forward to your enrollment as a Craps student of ours, and wish you the best of luck! We have a full set of modules to get through:

Module 1 – A Short History

Module 2 – The Rules and Tools

Module 3 – Beginner Basics

Module 4 – Advanced Craps

Where To Play Craps

Playing craps at a casino can be an intimidating experience for newcomers. For this reason, we recommend playing craps for free at an online casino before hitting the brick and mortar casinos. Below are a few casinos you can trust:

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