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In order to get a better understanding of the game, how about we take a look at where it first originated. While in the past it may not look like the Craps we know today, variations of the game date back centuries ago.

Craps history

We first heard mention of the game around 1125 AD. An Englishman, Sir William of Tyre and his knights played a variation of the game while waiting to siege various castles. One of the castles was named Hazarth and became the inspiration for the original name of the game – Hazard. Hazard grew in popularity throughout Britain and become a popular pastime for a lot of the knights and soldiers waiting in camps to attack. Eventually it filtered into the upper-class aristocratic houses and parlors and appeared not only in the upper echelons of society, but in English literature too.

From Britain, the game was brought over to France and took on the new name, Crapaud, meaning toad. This name was derived simply from the way players would hunch over the table as they played the game, in a frog-like position. The name eventually was simplified to craps because the lowest value of a throw of the dice in hazard was called Craps. In the early 1700’s, the game crossed the vast Atlantic and it made a new home in the French colony of Acadia.

It has been said that the game of Craps came to the shores of America along with the first settlers on the Mayflower. In the 19th century, African-Americans of the South developed what we know as the modern-day version of the game. The rules became a bit simpler, and the pace of the game faster. John H. Winn was given the title of “father of modern-day Craps”. In 1907, he revolutionized the game. He introduced an area on the board called the Don’t Pass bet and made it possible for players to bet right or wrong. Winn was a famous dice maker and he changed the layout and entire betting system of Craps. His version has become the much-loved game we play in the top online casinos all over the world today.


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