Module 4 – Advanced Craps

Wow. You’re looking like a right old pro! Good job! With a little more coaching, this module will take you from a newbie to an expert in no time. For basic bets, we’ve got ya covered. Now it’s time to move on to the more tricky ones… don’t worry. They’re a piece of pie! Let’s…

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Module 3 – Beginner Basics

Let the Games Begin… Craps will begin with the Come Out Roll – the first roll of the round. It will open up the betting round and can only occur when the previous shooter failed to get a point. The dice are thrown across the craps table layout which is divided into three areas: left…

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Module 2 – The Rules and Tools

So we’ve covered where Craps came from. Next up – how the heck do you play the game? As an onlooker it looks ridiculously confusing, but really the game is easy as pie once you know the basics. And that’s exactly what we’re going to cover. The nutshell Craps is played in rounds where the…

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